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Sep 11, 2012 3:00am PDT
ryan, junior. >> joshua todd aaron. >> richard avery arano. >> carl francis sasro. >> michael a.aziak. >> michael edward asher. >> thomas j. ashton. >> manuel o.asatimbe. >> james autofred. >> louis sagaersano, junior. >> arlene babagitas. >> john j.badagalata. >> jane ellen baseler. >> andrew j. bailey. >> brett t. bailey. >> garnet a. bailey. >> tatiana. >> michael sbosh. >> sharon m.balcom. >> michael andrew bain. >> katherine wantus. >> my uncle, whom my brother and i missed meeting by ten days. even though i didn't meet him, i feel like i know him because my family talks about him a lot. he was a happy, fun loving, caring, proud, unique american. i think of him every time i see 9-11 on a clock. we miss you and love you. >> my uncle, john resta, and my aunt, sylvia. >> gerard batista. >> paul vincent barvado. >> james william barbello. >> christine jonah barbito. >> david michael. >> matthew barns. >> melissa rose barns. >> sheila barns. >> evan jay daring. >> marie ardune. >> arthur that theious barry. >> diane jean barry. >> maurice vincent barry. >> scott bars. >> carlton
FOX News
Sep 3, 2012 3:00am PDT
steroids in his medicine cabinet. armstrong denies doping. >>> these guys are no dopes. steve, carl, trippi? >> steve: thank you very much, brian. that better? all right. the president's advisors are not able to answer the question, are you better off today than you were four years ago? what is the answer? our average american -- are average americans better off or not? joining us, senior advisor, deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush, karl rove. and former manager to howard dean's presidential campaign, joe trippi. were you scared at all on those segueways? >> you know -- >> steve: your name is trippi. >> there was no safety equipment and their stunt doubles are in the contract for carl and i. >> don't try this at home because these were professionals on a closed course. >> steve: you were good sports. karl, what about the question that all of the surrogates were out there and couldn't answer the question. >> it's tough to answer it in the affirmative when president obama came into office, unemployment was 7.9%. it's now 8.3. the number of americans out of a job are looking for
FOX News
Sep 4, 2012 3:00am PDT
for it. gretch, over to you, carl and joe. >> gretchen: thanks very much. the president's campaign is telling voters not to expect the same excitement that we saw in 2008 and once again, they're still using president bush as an excuse. >> nobody is sitting up here saying this is 2008. i mean, what's happened since an election in 2008 and right now, again, is this huge economic calamity caused by a series of bad decisions that were made before the president ever got there. >> gretchen: is the blame game sticking with the voters? we're back with karl rove and former manager of the howard dean presidential campaign, joe trippi. joe, i remember about two years ago where people were saying, wow, he's still blaming president bush, two years into the administration. now we're almost to the end of the first term, they're still blaming president bush and that's going to be the campaign theme here at the dnc. >> i don't think -- it's not blaming president bush, the person. it's blaming the policies. what's happening here is the republicans have taken to saying, hey, you were dealt a bad hand
FOX News
Sep 10, 2012 3:00am PDT
families like the great billy madison. >> hey carl, what's up? >> nothing much, billy. i see you got a little sun today. >> yeah, you think so? >> i was sitting by the pool. >> can i keep watching. >> brian: in the movie, he went back to school to earn his inheritancistence. a new study finds 40% of americans expect to get one from their parents, despite the poor economy. as a result, they aren't saving for retirement. can't wait, my mom has got a lot of money. >> gretchen: how did you rate billy madison as a movie? >> brian: great movie. >> gretchen: just checking. thank you so much. on abc news this week, "washington post" columnist george will criticized the democrats for initially leaving out the language recognizing jerusalem as the capitol of israel. >> removing the capitol of israel was an act of commission. you go out on the street of any american city, you go out in newark, stop someone and say, what is the capitol of delaware, vermont, and israel? some people will know dover. some are going to know month pill yea. everyone except the american state department knows that the
FOX News
Sep 26, 2012 3:00am PDT
's happening in ohio now. big swing state. president obama ahead 52% to governor romney 44%. our own carl cameron who has been on the road on these campaigns for many years, he interviewed mr. romney about being down in the polls as he heads to ohio today. here is what he had to say. >> we are now exactly seven weeks from the election. here you are in ohio where the polls say you trail. how do the two of you close this gap? >> polls go up and down. we have plenty of time with the debates coming up, four in the months of october. we'll be taking our message to people across ohio and i think they understand, this is an election about the choice of what kind of america we're going to have. if it's going to be an america dominated by government, why, that's the course the president has put us on. if we're going to pursue -- help people pursue their dreams, that's what we'll bring back. >> brian: polls out in florida, in ohio, in pennsylvania, and virginia. that wasn't the case even a month ago. >> steve: there are some on the right who say the reason mr. romney is way down is because the scre
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)